Inspiring Indian Wall Art For Modern Day Homes

In Indian culture decorating walls with different concepts has been an ancient practice. Earlier every house was repainted with different paintings on special occasions like marriages and other festivals. Figures of god and other nature inspired figures were done on walls. But now this art is confined only till villages as modern day wall papers have replaced the age old tradition of decorating walls with hand done paintings. Now only specific artisans do these wall art. Here are few Indian Wall art ideas which would inspire you to use these things in your homes, so that the artisans keep up their working spirit otherwise they will soon vanish.


Lord Ganesha wall art– Considered as the god who brings in luck and wealth, its important to have him in your home. A great idea to get this done either at the entrance of the house to attract the good energies, or in the corner of your pooja room.


Kutch inspired wall art– The famous mud wall art of kutch is a great idea for modern day homes. It goes perfectly with the muted or neutral inspired color palette for homes. Small pieces of mirror in different shapes are also set while working on different patterns with mud. If you want to add bright shades, then this can be done by adding home products in bright vibrant shades, as they will stand out against the muted shade of the wall.


Madhubani Wall art– Inspired from the famous Madhubani painting of Bihar, its basically a kitch art of India with lots of colors and figures. But you can also get it done in single color if you are not too sure of the bright and bold colors for yourself. We had discussed about Madhubani art in our previous article.


Worli Wall art-One of the oldest art form present, it dated backs to thousand of years BC. This art form uses a very basic graphic vocabulary, a circle, a triangle and a square. Generally done in black over light background, its great for wall art.


Stairs ideas– Well if you want the pieces of art in minimalist way, then choose corners and specific places of your home where you can experiment with them. The area alongside stairs and under-stairs is a great idea to start it up with. Also borders along the room, or just on one wall would be great to start with.


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