Interesting Planting Ideas

Well just growing plants is not enough, we have to be a little creative with them too to make our home look different than others. Here are few ideas which you would love to try for yourself too….

Pot Holder– If you understand macrame’ art, then you will instantly get ideas seeing this. Macrame’ is a form of textile making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. You can make them in different colors for your planters. They will give a vibrant look to your home. You can make them with wool, thick threads, jersey strips etc. You can also cut down your old T-shirt into strips like in the picture below and use them for this craft.


Climber for plants– Create a ladder sort of a thing with tiny pieces of wooden sticks or any other leftover sticks at home. They will help the plants to grow and look interesting and creative at the same time.


The Welcome note– Can you think of a better introduction of your family than this. The regular name plates are common, try this for the entrance of your home. Not only its different and distinctive but is also a great planting idea for the entrance of the home. You can also make arrangements to place a small board with it, like those in restaurants, and use it to pen down your thoughts for the day or write down a welcome note on special occasions like for the parties.


Painted pots– The planter pots are not always supposed to be in dull and neutral shades. Create different textures on it to make them look more lively. You can use permanent markers, nail paints, waterproof colors to paint them in different shades. Remember to first create a base for your work by choosing a theme for the project which would go with the decor of your house, otherwise random stuff would become a mismatch in your house. Likewise choose the colors and motifs for your work. We had discussed about how to paint pots using nail paints in our previous article.


The Bicycle Garden– Everyone has a bicycle lying at some corner of their home, which kids have abandoned due to several reasons. But wait, before throwing it out have a look at this interesting idea for planting few things in it. It can be turned into a spice garden by planting different spices in separate boxes, or just simply grow different flowers in it. So just pick up the old bicycle, paint it into bright and vibrant hues and show your creative skills there.

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