Using Under Stairs Space To Fullest

Many of us have homes were we have a connecting stairs going from inside the house. Mostly this space goes undiscovered and becomes a dump zone until we discover how creatively it can be used. Here are few ideas to use the under stairs area to the fullest according to your personal needs. Have a look….

Mini Bar– Have a space crunch for creating a space for Bar at home, then this particular idea will do the trick. Use the space under the stairs to create a perfect Mini bar for you and your guests. Making different compartments for wines and other items separately will be good too.

Racks and Show Pieces– Create compartments in different sizes like these which can be used for various purpose, like it can be used as a shoe rack, grocery rack. It can also be used for storing different items. The open racks without windows can be decorated with show pieces.

Mini Library– If you want one portion in your home where you could just relax and sit all day long on a holiday then this is for you, especially if you are a book lover. A mini library can be created like this with a super cozy seating arrangement where you could just have a date with you book all day long.

Washroom Arrangement– This is the most commonly used idea though, but is comforting as the guests who you do not want to enter your private rooms can use them.

Mini Office area– If you like to have a study table or a mini work station at home, then this space can be used for creating a perfect mini work area. All you need to create is a platform for keeping laptop and other small things. A lamp is necessary for this area, so do not forget to insert switch boards for it.

Kids Play Zone– Have small kids at home, well they will love this. Create a small play area for them and keep their favorite toys and things here. Use different colors for making it interesting for kids.

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