5 Indoor Garden Ideas Which Can Be Made Below The Staircase

Having an indoor garden is a dream for everyone plant lover. But how and where to make one is a little confusing. But if you have staircase at home and if you have been wondering what to do with the space beneath it ,then we say that create your own mini garden here. How, well have a look at these five different ideas…..

Use lots of planter pots– Indoor plants in different textures, colors and shapes can be used to decorate this space. Start by deciding the floor pattern like if you want it to be straight or a little curvy and likewise. Once decided mark the pattern and fill the marked pattern with small stones. Now keep your planter pots in this space. Use a mix of low heighted and taller plants to create a nice scenic view.

Use statues– Statue of Buddha or any other eye catchy statue can be placed here to make the setting look breathtaking. You can add stones, marbles and plants to make it look like a mini garden. Don’t forget to take help of lights to focus this area.

Water Body– If you want to keep a water body inside the house then you can probably use this area to place one. It will create a positive energy in this space. Again use a lot of plants to make your own mini forest area.

Multi level– You can also create different levels, and use different colored stones to highlight the partition. Levels are great to create a design variation and will also look great. Use different plants to highlight this area.

Seating arrangement– This one is a great idea. How lovely it is to sit next to your indoor garden and sip a cup of tea, or just to read a book. Well create a nice seating arrangement near to this space and we bet that this will become your best place in the house.

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