6 Ways To Use Zebrina Plant For Home Decor

Tradescantia Zebrina is one plant which not only looks wonderful but is also very easy to grow and within no time it grows and spreads well. The combination of green and purple color on its leaves makes this plant an absolute delight to have at home. The best thing is that it also grows in water. Here are a few ways to use it for home decor….

Hanging fence– You can create a beautiful air fencing using hanging pots of this beautiful plant. Just place a bunch of hanging pots next to each other at some distance and within a few months you will see such results.

Place it on table top– If you have a small pot and you dont know what to do with it then probably this is the idea. Grow zebrina in such pots and keep them on coffee tables and on the window counter and see the space lit up with colors and life.

Create vertical garden– Vertical garden is an absolute pick for every plant lover. The combination of colors and textures of different plants gives a complete makeover to the place where a vertical garden is put. So next time when you plan do make one do not forget that zebrina will add a lot of colorful texture to it.

Beautify the entrance– You can also put a hanging or a tilted pot like this at the entrance of the use or at the corner of your garden to highlight specific areas. Place small pots with different plats next to it to create a eye-catchy combination.

Decorate with a cage– If you want to decorate a console table with a hanging plant then go for this kind of an idea. Use a decorative cage and place the planter pot inside this cage. You will have to be a little careful while doing this so that the process doesn’t harm the plant.

Use wine bottles– You can also use leftover wine bottles to grow these bunch of plants. Hang them at the corner of the room and they will lit up the space.

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