6 Topiary Miniatures Which You Can Create At Home

Topiary is a horiculture practice where a plant is given a geometric or any other shape by clipping and cutting of the foliage’s and twigs. But if you are a vivid plant lover and wish to create your own miniatures at home, then this is how you can do them. In order to achieve certain shapes you can use a few tools like the climbers done in different shapes. The plant climbs up the fence and takes the shape of the climbers, and off course you would need to do a bit of cut and chop stuff in between but mostly the plant grows around the shape and in a few months you will see the full grown plant around these climbers. Here are a few option….

Circle– A regular circle shape topiary is one of the most common and simple one to create. Take plants with small leaves to make this shape as the bigger ones may not look so prominent when fully grown. If you are working in smaller planter pots then choosing a plant with small leaves would be the best.

The gated shape– The gated shape is another idea which can be used to create beautiful miniature planters.

Heart shape– And you can even create these shapes with the plants which are grown in water. Simply place the heart shape climber in the bottle or the container in which you have grown the plant and the plant will eventually take the same shape.

Spiral– A simple spiral climber can create a beautiful shaped plant which will bring a new life to your home garden.

Cone– A cone shape is ideal for the plants which you want to grow straight in height. You can decide the height of the plant according to the height of your planter pot.

Ball shape– If you like those pretty ball shaped foliages which you never thought of creating on your own, then this is how you can create them with the help of this mechanism.

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