Indoor Plant Stands And Accessories To Watch Out For

Indoor plants not only make your home look beautiful, but they also has a soothing effect on you. And there are several ideas to give your plants a dedicated and unique space of their own. Here are a few ideas….

Ladder– Ladders can prove to be a great indoor accessory. You can replace the vertical sticks with flat pallets and make more use of this space by keeping other stuff along with the plants.

Wooden pallet boxes– You can also use the ‘lakri ki peati’ which we call it in Hindi. Simply keep your small planter pots inside these boxes and hang them to the ceiling. You can also choose to keep them on ground, on an elevated object.

Hanging shelves– They are easily available online, or you can even make your own hanging shelf to decorate a wall or a corner of your home.

Glass balls– Hanging glass balls look great and can really liven up a dead space of your home. It can also be used as a wall partition where you can divide space size easily by hanging these picture perfect planter pots.

Hanging brass pots– Use these brass pots for a rustic look and they wont fail to impress. If you don’t find them then you can simply color your regular pot with a dull gold color.

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