5 Indoor Plants For Beginners

Plants when kept indoors add a new life to the dull spaces. You can put them in your living area to brighten up the empty corners, or jazz up an empty window by placing colorful planter pots. But not every plant can be kept indoors, here are a few plants which are great for the beginners to try their hand in indoor gardening.

Mother in law’s tongue– It is popular as a houseplant because it is tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering; during winter you just need to water it once a month and will rot easily if over watered. It is also called “snake plant”, because of the shape and sharp margins of its leaves. It also has potential indoor air filtration qualities.

Rubber plant– This plant grows tall and has large glossy leaves. They don’t like to sit in water and therefore a well draining soil is very necessary for it’s healthy growth. Water it once the soil is a little dry but do not let it dry completely otherwise the leaves will fall. A rubber plant likes a lot of sunlight but direct sunlight can burn their leaves, therefore choose a corner where there is maximum sunlight shielded by a curtain. Keeping it near a window would also be perfect.

Cactus plant-These beautiful plants make excellent indoor houseplants and come in different varieties. They are low-maintenance and this makes them an ideal plant for the beginners, so next time you can gift it as a housewarming gift to someone who loves plants. A cactus plant needs plenty of sunlight, but do not water them frequently, use a well drained pot and dry soil is best for them.

Yucca Plant– This low maintenance plant looks so striking and is perfect to brighten up the living room. Bright, indirect light is best for them and being a drought tolerant plant it does not need much of watering.

Fern– All ferns love moisture and should be given humid conditions to grow. Also they should never be allowed to dry out but too much watering will rot the roots so incase if the climate is hot then watering it a little bit everyday would be fine. Place it near a window that gets morning or late afternoon sun and keep it away from the direct sunlight or else the leaves will turn brown.


Image reference- Pinterest

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