Decorating Plants Indoor- The Indian Way

Greenery gives you a very cheerful, happy and calm feeling and is pleasing to the eyes as well. A survey said that people become more active and feel more relaxed and happy by seeing greenery around them. This reason is enough for investing in indoor plants at home. Not only this, they look great too and can be decorated in so many ways. Here are few ideas how you can give a Indian touch to your home by keeping indoor plants

Just around the corner– Decorating the corners with indoor plants like money plants, cane bamboo plant can be really interesting. It is something unusual, different and looks great. You can also add a statue of Buddha or Lord Ganesha in middle and keep the plants around it. A few decorative elements like candle hangers or a brass item would look great too.


Use Brass pots as planter pots– Most of us have kitchen utensils made of brass lying unused at home, because now modern day ceramic and glass crockery is used. Well it has amazing health properties, but if they have become too old then don’t throw them away. Use them as planter pots and give your home a traditional touch through them.


Decorating console– Console is a perfect platform to decorate your favorite home decor items. But its not just meant for the showpieces, add some nature inspired touch and keep few pots and vases with flowers and plants on it.


The tray decoration– For the upcoming festivals, this is a perfect decorative idea and is simple too. We all know about tray decoration, so pick up a simple classic tray and decorate it with a pot of flowers and leaves. Keeping few candles will enhance the look.


Being Buddha– A statue of Buddha at home instantly makes the ambiance more peaceful and charming. A mix of candles and a water body gives it a appealing look altogether. Since Buddha statues are available in dark natural stone colors, try to build up a theme in the same direction with other elements too. Addition of a green plant will bring a natural feel to the decoration.


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