Indoor Green Walls by Living Green Walls

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Living green walls: It is a natural human tendency to live as close to nature as possible. Indoor Living Green Walls bring the freshness of nature inside your house by making lush green plants grow on your walls. (Visit for more information)

  • Indoor Living Green Walls occupy just a fraction of the precious floor space and utilizes the redundant wall-space.
  • Since Indoor Living Green Walls are a closed-loop automatic irrigating system, it economizes the use of water.
  • Lush green plants inside a building also act as the GREEN LUNGS of the building.
  • They not only provide fresh oxygen (which improves workspace efficiency) but also absorb air-borne VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that cause SICK BUILDING SYNDROME.
  • The exposed outdoor walls of a building receive a lot of heat from direct sunshine.
  • This heat is then conducted inside the building thus raising the overall temperature of the building.
  • This in turn results in sky-rocketing power consumption to keep the building cool.
  • Outdoor Green Walls create a natural green cover on the exposed vertical walls.
  • Since it is a closed-loop automatic irrigation system, it is highly water-efficient.
  • You can irrigate thousands of plants on the wall by just the flick of a button.


  • PLANTS GROW WITHOUT SOIL – By making plants grow in a unique soil-less medium, we ensure that the per square feet weight on the wall is less than 8 kgs/sqr ft.
  • CONTAINERS ARE ESPECIALLY DESIGNED TO ALLOW A HEALTHY GROWTH OF PLANTS – After many long months of back-breaking experiments, the unique design of the container has evolved. It not only allows the root system of the plants to grow but also enhances the overall dense look of the green wall.
  • CLOSED-LOOP IRRIGATION SYSTEM – The water in the reservoir (at the bottom of the Living Green Wall) is recycled continuously. Thus, very little water is required to keep the Living Green Wall fresh and Green.
  • CONTAINERS ARE LIGHT-WEIGHT AND LEAK-PROOF – There is no damage to the back wall.
  • HIGHLY WATER-EFFICIENT SYSTEM – The use of drip irrigation system allows for the optimum use of every drop of water. The Living Green Wall, in a hotel, can be treated as an excellent SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT initiative.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY KIT – The Living Green Wall comes in the form of a plug-and-play kit which can be installed by our installation team in very little time.
  • 100% CUSTOMIZE-ABLE – Using a GREEN PAINTBRUSH of plants, we can make any of your creative ideas come alive. We create customized solutions to fit any budget.
  • PORTABLE – Instead of creating a wall-mounted edible green wall, we can create a wheel-mounted portable frame which can be moved to any corner of your house.

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