Decorating Home With Crotons

Crotons is an excellent plant which comes in a wide variety of leaf shapes and colors.

Leaves can be short, long, twisted, thin, thick and are often colorful. They are great for outdoors but also do well indoors.

Here are few ideas how to use them to decorate homes……

Decorate indoors – A plant adds so much life to the decor of the house and is an ideal way to decorate indoors. Specially if the interiors are done in monochromatic and muted natural tones.

The colorful croton plant will add the right amount of colors needed for the decor in an all natural way. If the interior has white walls and a hint of natural elements like natural stone or wood, then this is the perfect plant for your indoor decoration as it will stand out because of its beautiful colors.


Give a vintage look– If you love all that is vintage, then you can create your own vintage pot like this for your home. Add different plants in different shapes and sizes like succulents, Mother in law’s tongue, peperomia strings or strings of pearls combined with some flowering plants and different types of crotons.

Croton fencing– They are great to be used for creating fencing in the garden area. Since they grow and multiply easily and is also a fuss free plant, its can be easily used to create partitions in the garden area, the dense look of the plant will give a look of a fence or a partition.

Window boxes – They are also great to pep up the look of any window. A box or a balcony or a window planter can be used to create a croton planter base, you can also add other plants for variety. So who wants the same old boring window look when you have such a great idea to jazz it up. Whenever you will look out of the window, it will surely bring a smile to our face.

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