Create Hedge Landscape With Snake Plant

Known as the Snake plant or the Mother in law’s tongue, this very beautiful plant has a texture which makes it a complete thing for decorative purposes. Snake plant exchanges oxygen and carbon di-oxide and sorts out the humidity in your home, making it an idle indoor plant though it does great outdoors too. It can withstand drought which means you do not have to water it often, and is a fuss free and care free plant which any beginner can try his hands on. And if you are planning on creating a hedge in your garden or indoors then it’s long twisted and textured leaves are the best to try out for this purpose. Here is how you can do it…

Combine it with colorful plants– You can decorate a corner or a wall of your home like this, or if you have a space underneath the stairs then it can be used in this way. Combine a contrast plant with this setting and it will look more beautiful. And if you are thinking of buying a room divider for your living area then how about this idea, instead of using a room divider you can use this setting to create a fresh and beautiful partition. The presence of this live plant will also make the indoor air more pure and fresh.

Entrance– If you have a gallery or a narrow entrance to the house, and if you want to beautify it with real plants then this is probably one of the best idea. Create hedge with this plant on both the sides and use concrete blocks and stones in the middle to create a pathway.

Keep potted plants– And if you have confined spaces or live in apartments, or want to create something for the office then potting these plants in flat trays like this is great to create a hedge or a fence look alike. The best part is that you can easily shift this setting from one place to another.

Image reference- Pinterest

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