Pep Up The Entrance To The Rooms With These Interesting Decor Ideas

So we all pay attention to how the entrance of the house or the interiors of the home should be, but have you ever seen someone being serious about how an entrance to the rooms should be. Well we have a few ideas for you…

Stones and marble– Stones and marbles are great for any home decor theme. And when put together with plants, they make an excellent accumulation to bring in a liveliness to the room entrance areas.

Textured stones– Stones and rocks in different textures and sizes are perfect to create a small border like this. Add a few interesting elements like a painted cement ball or you can even use small wooden balls to brighten up the set up. Use plants which need minimum soil and water to survive like the succulents or the spider plant to bring in a life to this concrete set up.

Use Blocks– Cement blocks can also be used with different materials like stones and pebbles along with a few plants.

Make use of the side wall– So if you do not want to create a pathway but still want to make it a little unique then try using the side wall for the decor. Get a wallpaper or the stone tiles done all over the wall and use potted bonsai plants to beautify it further. Don’t forget to install focus lights as they make sure to focus the key areas of the decor.

Huge potted plants– And if there is nothing much you could do with your space then try a simple thing like this. Place two three large size potted plants, all in different sizes and place them in a way that they look like a design. Take help of a floor mat to create a floor design like this and place marble tiles above it to create a pathway. You might have to cut and secure the rug in order to create a half circle design like this.

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