5 Lace Decor Ideas For Home

Lace is one of the most versatile fabric which can be creatively used for so many decor ideas.

Here are few such home decor ideas….

Romantic candle holder– Typically any glass jar which is heat resistant can be used for this purpose. All you have to do is to pick a lace of your choice.

Crochet ones are better for this purpose as they allow more light to pass through them. Paste some glue to the bottle and simply stick the lace over it.

You can choose to cover the entire bottle with the lace or cover just a section and leave the rest plain. It can be further ornate with delicate ribbons in satin and tissue.

Planter pots- Table planter pots will get a new life by decorating them with laces. You can place the laces vertically or horizontally for design variations. This DIY idea will definitely revamp the look of the pots and the look of the place where they are kept.

Textured mirror– Though you might not get professional results as it is an intense technique, but this idea will definitely put your old faded mirror to use. Pick some beautiful textured laces in different shapes and borders. Next you need is a paint of your choice, try using dull shades for an antique look. Simply place the laces where you want the textures and spray paint over them at one go.

Flower Vase-Simple glass vase can also be beautified by embellished lace borders.

Lace Bowls– Round lace mats are a great way to organise jewelry and other accessories and they are easy to make. Take bowls of different sizes which will act as a base for molding mats into bowls. Now pour a good amount of glue in a container, at this stage you can add few drops of color to the glue if you want a colored bowl. Dip the mat into the glue and place it on the molding surface. Let it dry completely before taking it out.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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