5 Table Setting Ideas For Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas is around the corner and if you are planning on throwing a party at home then have you thought about the decor. Well we are not talking about the general home décor, but table décor or table landscaping basically. When you invite guests for dinner its good to set up a theme appropriate table for them. And this is how you can do the same for a Christmas eve dinner…..

leaf and pines– Leaf décor looks really surreal on a dinner table. You can do the décor directly on the dinner table, but using a runner underneath is always suggested for a neat layout. Use pine fruit, colored balls and lots of candles to lit up the layout.

Glass jarsMason jars or any sort of glass jars can be put to use for this purpose. Lay them next to each other at the center of the table and how you decorate them is totally upto you. You can use sand, candles, decorative leaves, red balls to decorate these jars.

Use red as a prominent color– Now since Christmas is all about red and white color so using them predominantly will be an another great idea. You can use red table cover and red napkins as a base, and use green accents like a leaf arrangement for a color contrast.

Use Christmas tree– You can also use Christmas trees in different sizes and designs for the table décor. You can keep other things like decorative balls and fancy candles to go along with this décor.

Use tall candles– If you want to create something really romantic and dreamy then do use long candles on the table along with some fairy lights and this will create a perfect candlelight dinner ambience for your guests.

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