Weight loss drink with Lemon and Coffee - A New Tiktok Trend 2021

Weight loss drink with Lemon and Coffee – A New Tiktok Trend 2021

Over the years, weight loss has become a popular subject. Numerous people are currently engaged in losing a certain amount of weight. While some individuals wish to look their best, others have health conditions that require them to lose weight. Whatever the reason may be, a calorie deficit and an exercise regime are the recommended strategies for weight loss. Due to its increasing popularity, weight loss has several downsides to it. The internet is full of questionable diets and tips for quick weight loss. Most of them are not scientifically proven and don’t offer any benefits to your weight loss journey. However, they may bring disadvantages to your health. Let’s talk about one such tip.

What Is the Lemon Coffee Trend?

Lemon and coffee are two very accessible ingredients. They are available in every household, which is one of the major reasons for the invention of the lemon and coffee challenge. The lemon coffee trend involves squeezing a dash of lemon into your cup of regular or instant coffee. TikTok users have claimed that this combination has helped them lose a bunch of extra kilos. The trend went viral under the hashtag #LemonCoffee and has over 8 million views now. Although the recognition of the trend doesn’t imply that it is authentic, the number of people trying the lemon coffee drink keeps increasing.

Is the Lemon Coffee Trend Science-Backed?

Generally, people check the scientific accuracy of a new change in their lifestyle before implementing it. If it isn’t science-backed, it is better to avoid it or list the pros and cons yourself. Lemon coffee is another trend that isn’t supported by science. Experts have opposed the claims of lemon coffee assisting in weight loss. A reliable source has also published an article on the incorrect information that TikTok is spreading about lemon coffee. There is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of the drink for weight loss. According to science, mixing lemon and coffee together will not multiply their individual benefits. Several dietitians’ current comments about the lemon coffee trend have confirmed the unreliability of the drink.

What Are the Benefits of Coffee for Health?

Coffee isn’t just an ideal way to wake up in the morning, but it offers many other benefits. It is a rich source of caffeine, with about 95 mg of it in one cup. Along with that, coffee contains magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. The caffeine percentage can help to boost your metabolic rate, which determines the number of calories you burn at rest. A higher metabolism will burn more calories in your body and enhance your weight loss. If consumed without sugar, milk, and other unhealthy additions, coffee contains only a few calories. Black coffee has around 5 calories per cup, making it an excellent drink for weight loss. Coffee can keep you satiated for a long time, as it reduces your appetite. It can be beneficial for your mental health, as well. Coffee is said to lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and depression.

What Are the Benefits of Lemon for Health?

Lemon is rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C. It is a great way to increase your water intake, as hydration is a crucial part of weight loss. Since water is flavorless, many people often struggle with drinking a sufficient amount of water a day. Adding lemon to water can increase flavor, helping you to stay hydrated. Hydration is beneficial for avoiding bloating and puffiness. Lemon water can rev up your metabolism, as well. An increased metabolism can aid in weight loss and weight management. Lemon can improve your digestion too, and help to prevent constipation. It can reduce the effects of aging on your skin, as well as prevent wrinkles.

Is It Okay to Drink Lemon Coffee?

Overall, lemon and coffee have amazing benefits for health. However, excess use of any of the two ingredients can be harmful to your body. Coffee can disrupt your sleep and lead to insomnia. It can increase your heart rate, which is why it isn’t considered a safe option for people with heart conditions. The caffeine inside the coffee can affect your bones, as well. It makes the absorption of calcium difficult for your bones, which leads to bone diseases like osteoporosis. Lemon, on the other hand, can cause acidity. It can negatively impact your stomach, especially if you have acidity issues. Lemon can also hurt your teeth, as it is acidic in nature.


Instead of following a random TikTok trend, it is best to lose weight by making healthy changes to your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a new drink, mixing lemon juice with green tea is a good idea. Health Canal has discussed the advantages of green tea in many of its articles. Pairing lemon with green tea can assist in weight loss and reduce the risk of cancer. Therefore, it is better to avoid the lemon coffee drink, as it causes several side effects. A healthy and safe weight loss is the best decision you can make for your health.


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