4 Ways To Add A Divine Touch To The Entrance Of Your House

Home is a place where your heart is, well this saying goes true for almost everyone in the world. And though you spend a lot of time and energy in revamping the interiors of the home, but one very important corner of your home gets neglected many a times which is the entrance of your house. Well if you are looking to give this space a makeover by adding a divine touch to this space then watch out for these surreal ideas…..

Ganesha inspired wall– If you have the liberty of adding a texture to the wall then using self textures over a cemented wall is a great idea as it is really in nowadays. This rustic wall style adds a very raw appeal to the house and also enables you to add a lot of accent colors in the form of upholstery, furniture etc. Now place a Ganesha idol over a rack or a console table and use OM wall sticker behind the idol. You an also create something similar to this on the existing wall at home. Place metal and brass items and other colored figures along with fresh flowers and candles and the set up will look amazing at the entrance.

Add mantras– Adding spiritual or Sanskrit mantras will take this idea to a next level. You can either get this stuff handprinted on the entrance wall or simply get the 3-D metal cutouts. This space will become you favorite space as it will always give you positive vibes whenever you enter your home.

Use plants– Well its not necessary to always add a divine picture or a statue to bring in a divine ambience, plants too do the same therapy to your soul, body and mind. Add a lot of plants on the entrance and include various pots and wall shelves to decorate the area. If you want you can definitely add a small statue of god to add up to the whole feel.

Add a buddha statue– Depending on the space or the kind of wall you have at the entrance you can place a small Buddha statute over a console table or a hanging shelf. Include a few hanging lights and a few planter pots to make the best of this setup. You can take help of a wall paper to cover the wall behind or dimply get a few wall stickers to decorate the wall behind.

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