6 Ways To Revamp A Dead Wall Running Next To Staircase

If you are trying to give your existing stair wall a makeover then do read this article. The wall next to the stairs generally come with a lot of possibilities to create something fantastic. And this article gives you a few insights as how to do so. Here are a few possibilities…..

Hand painted wall– Ditch the wall papers and textured papers and go for hand painted walls instead. This hand painted stuff will look totally out of the box and will definitely become the highlight of your home. You can go for black and white color theme or choose for different colors as per the theme of your home.

Cemented wall– This is one big trend nowadays. Cemented texture on walls or cement tiles are best to add a raw and rustic appeal to your home. And you can add textures to these walls by creating different patterns on them like the self textures or adding a pop up of colors by hand painting them.

Brick walls– This is an another trending thing right now. Brick homes have become quite popular in the recent times, but if you don’t like to overdo it then simply use this in accents. One way is to highlight a wall using it. You can either use it in the natural form or get it painted in an another color.

Create memories- This is going to be very very special for you and even for the ones visiting you. Use a lot of family photographs on the wall and it will look so so beautiful.

Let the natural light flow in- If you have been wondering how to let the natural sunlight enter your home then you can take help of this wall. Create see through patterns covered with glass like in the picture. You can pick different shapes like rectangle or circle or any other shape as per your wish.

Jharokha– Traditional jharokha is the best thing to include in your interior when you want to give a traditional touch to your home. Now these jharokha’s can be real or you can even fake them.

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