4 ways To Decorate Your Home Using Traditional Paintings

If you love traditional paintings but wonder how to use them for home décor then this article will give you few ideas which you will fall in love with. Traditional paintings add a rustic and old old charm to your home, so if you are planning on adding that feel to your home then using a lot of traditional paintings will be a good bet to decorate home.

Decorate console wall– Wall behind console requires a lot of attention but how to decorate it is a tricky question. You can use a lot of sculptures and artifacts to decorate the console, but the wall still needs more to draw attention. And though using mirrors or wall paper is the most common idea but using traditional paintings as hangings will really make your this space stand out.

Behind the sofa– If you have a plain wall behind the sofa then do go for this setting. Place a console or a table behind the sofa and use traditional paintings along with flower vase and candle stands. If your painting has a golden accents then keep brass or gold artifacts with it.

At the entrance– This could be at the entrance or at any wall which you wish to highlight. A life size painting at the entrance will look so welcoming and will add so much positivity at home. Alternatively wall paper with gold motifs can be used to decorate the rest of the wall. Or you can also get the motifs hand painted directly to the wall. Keep urili filled with fresh flowers and water in front of the painting and believe us there can’t be a better idea then this to use these paintings. If you don’t have a life size painting then you can also go for different paintings (all in one size) placed next to each other until you filled the desired area.

Area below the stairs– This area is believed to have negative energy and therefore using a traditional painting with figures of god and goddess will add positivity to this space. How you decorate this space further is upto you.

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