3 Ways To Design Courtyard Roof For Your Home

Having an open courtyard, or open to sky patterns is becoming quite common in modern homes. We are now going back to our age old architectural practices where having an open courtyard was mandatory in every home. And though in ancient times the courtyard was left open the same is not possible for everyone now. So covering it permanently or temporarily is the best option as doing so protects from rain, dust and insects but ensures natural sunlight inside the home. When opting for this option you can play with different types of roof for the covered area and some of them are listed here….

Bird pattern– This bird pattern is so cute to see inside a home. The best thing is that with the change in the position of sun these bird pattern will change the direction as well. So you will observe different shadows throughout the day.

Stained glass effect– Stained glass art is not just for windows and doors, well how about having it on the roof. Simple pattern like the branches of the tree and leaves on it in different colors look so amazing.

Brick patterns– Brick pattern is so much in trend right now. People looking for rustic homes or someone who is keen on building a traditional home will definitely think about using brick tiles. Brick tiles come in different pattern and there are a lot of ways to use them.

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