6 Ways To Tighten Open Pores Naturally

Open pores is a big concern for those who have it over their faces, it looks horrible and even the most beautiful face looks not so perfect with these spots.

Here are these natural remedies which you can easily try at home to shrink open pores…

Egg white– It is the best protein supplement for the skin which is also used for anti ageing treatment and skin tightening. But apart from that it also helps in shrink open pores. Just apply a mask of beaten egg white directly to the face and wash off when it completely dries.

Apple cider vinegar– This thing has a lot of health benefits which we all know, and is also an excellent thing to beat open pores.

It is a natural toner and cleanser and therefore can be used all over the face for open pores. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportions and apply on the affected area.

Baking Soda– Known for its cleaning properties, it is also used in many beauty treatments especially when you want instant results. It thoroughly cleanses the pores and also helps them shrink. Mix 1 spoon of baking soda to 1 spoon of water to make a paste and apply to the affected area. Leave on for 30 seconds and rinse off. Though this trick brings you instant results but try not to put into the habit.

Aloe vera– In general too it is great for the skin but if you have open pores then you should definitely use it. Apply the gel of fresh aloe vera all over your face to get a blemish free and even skin tone. You can apply it overnight too as it has no side effects.

Lemon juice– Similar to Apple cider vinegar, it helps in cleaning the skin thoroughly and unclogs pores. Its great for the treatment of blackheads and shrinks open pores because of its astringent properties. Mix a tsp of lemon juice to equal proportion of water and apply. You can do this everyday.

YogurtLactic acid present in curd helps reduce large open pores. It is also great for skin tightening and can also be used as an astringent. Put a generous amount of curd to the affected area and wash off with lukewarm water after 20-25 minutes.

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