Treating Open Pores Naturally At Home

Do you often find small open pores on your face which reminds you that the skin is damaged and needs care. Open pores is one of the greatest skin problems which leads to blackheads, acne and if the skin is oily, then it worsens the case. It is a sign that you have been very lineant with the skin care regime and that the skin needs care which has been neglected in the past. Also with age, since the skin begins to loose its elasticity this problem occurs. It is very important to take care, otherwise the pollution, dirt, sweat which we have to face everyday clogs the pores and results in various skin problems.

Here are few basic ways to fight this problem naturally….

Eggs– Well one of the most effective natural skin tightening agent is an egg white. Simply beat the white part of an egg and apply it all over the face. Let it dry, you will start feeling as if the skin is shrinking as it dries, don’t worry the eggs are doing their job. Wash it off with cold water once dry. You will see the change instantly. This is also very effective for removing fine lines and for providing elasticity to the skin as it is a natural toner. This makes the skin a little dry as it pulls out the excess oil from the skin, therefore apply a good moisturizer after this regime.

Apple cider vinegar– We all know about the amazing health benefits of this ingredient, but it is also a great toner and astringent for the skin because of its citrus properties. It is great for the oily skin prone to open pores which results in blackheads and acne. The best thing is that unlike the eggs, which is recommended to use once or twice, depending on your skin,  this can be used daily as a toner. Dab cotton in a mixture of half water and half apple vinegar and apply all over the face. Leave it for few minutes and rinse.

Ice– If you have interest in makeup, then you will know this trick. We often use this before makeup to block the open pores, so that the makeup doesn’t crack out because of open pores. Place few ice cubes in a clean cloth and simply rub all over the face. Keep it longer on the area where there are open pores. Washing face with cold water helps too.

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