How To Flaunt The Wet Hair Look

There are times when you are in a hurry and do not have time to blow dry wet hair, but often do we feel as how to style them, as there are lesser options to style them. Here are few styles which can be tried for the special days. Also wet hair looks sexy and stylish. At times it looks better than the most of the stylish hairstyles.

The back bun– This is the best if you want to do a quick less than one minute job. Comb and pull the hair back nicely and cleanly, and tie it in a bun at the lower back. You can also try doing a high bun if you like it to sit high. Goes with the western wear look and also with the Indian outfits. It’s a good style especially if you want a fuss free settled hair for the day.


Leave them loose– Don’t feel like tying hair, then no worries just simply comb them pulling backwards and you are done.


Triple bun– If you have got your hair colored in layers, then this is the best style to flaunt them, if no you should still try this. Two buns sitting at the nape of the neck and the last one finally finishing it at the top. Its quick, easy and super stylish and different.


The hairband style– Wear a hairband which sits all around the head and simply fold the back hair in this band inwards like in this picture for a rolled up look.


Side Braiding– Side braid for the wet hair looks awesome. Its simple and almost everyone knows how to do this easy hairstyle, but instead of doing a normal back one, tr this side braid.


Partial braiding– Simple braided streaks done on the both the sides are pinned at the back.


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