4 Glitter Hair Highlight Styles For The Brides To Be

Hair accessories and hair jewelery is not the only way to ornate your hair. The new trend says that you can do so with the help of hair tinsels and hair glitters. Hair glitter is an easy and quick option to highlight your hair for any special function, and needless to say that it looks gorgeous. You can pick any single color glitter or can even go for mix of colors. And the end result will depend on how you use the glitter. Like there can be sleek highlights or bolder strokes where a separate part is highlighted in a bold look. Here are some ways to flaunt it …..

Multicolor glitter– Though this is hair tinsel but you can take this style as an inspiration for creating glitter hair. Side braids with slight highlighting and dense highlights for the open part makes this hairstyle totally unique. Use a multicolor glitter to add a rainbow shade to your hair.

Braid highlighting– If you are thinking of a back braid then highlighting it using a glitter would be a nice change. Especially when you don’t want to use any jewelery or hair accessory to highlight your hair, then using this option is quite easy and fun.

All over glitter– When you have an open hairstyle which is long enough to ornate then go for all over highlights. This is easy to do and also you can never go wrong with it.

Simple highlight– This is simple way to use glitter on hair. Decide a part of your hair which you want to highlight and use it all over there.

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