How to ace an Open Hairstyle as a bride

Your bridal makeup calls out for a lot of effort, and so does your hairstyle. So if you have thought of getting a loose open hairstyle for one of your pre bridal functions, then this article can be of a great help to you. Here are a few ideas to make your open hair look more gorgeous…

Use hair accessories– You can take help of various hair accessories like small clips to highlight your loose hair. Compliment the look by using small flower petals all over the hair.

Mix and match flowers– You can also choose to take different colors flowers to match with the colors of your attire. Combining two or three different colors will definitely add a fun and peppy look to your hairstyle.

Use a lot of roses– You can also go the traditional way by using a lot of roses on your hair but in a new way. Use fresh rose flowers on one side of the hair replicating a crown, but use it only halfway through.

Go for all over highlights– Use small flowers like really small flowers to randomly highlight all your hair.

Go with a pattern– You can also choose to follow the silhouette and curves of the hair done, instead of using the highlights all over.

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