Modern Indian brides match face mask with their attires

Face mask has become the new fashion accessory for the modern day weddings. And this is how our brides are wearing it with the traditional wear for their big day….

Slightly embroidered– If you are not a fan of heavy embroideries, then a face mask with booti embroidery is best for you.

Printed ones– You can also go for a customized prints for your face masks. Taking pictures from your pre-wedding shoot is a great option to indulge in.

Fun with frills– You can also add a fun element to mask by adding lovely frills and pleats to it.

The all sequence work– You can also pick pre-embroidered all over sequence fabric masks to match your wedding day attire.

Patchwork– Matching embroidered patchwork mask is something which will really add up to your bridal look.

Abstract designs– You can also watch out for nice abstract designs for your mask.

Fringes– Fringes are lot of fun, dont forget to use them if you really want to pep up your look.

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