Ring Style Bridal Seating Arrangement For Pre Wedding Functions

Decorative rings are very much in trend nowadays in wedding decor. It can be used as a seating arrangement for the bride, or can also be used as a photo booth to click pictures. And it can also suffice both the purposes as well at a go. So if you are a bride looking for different design options of this decor style then here you go…..

Marigold ring– A ring covered with all marigold flowers is the best idea if you are looking for a ring style decor especially for Haldi ceremony.

The nest style– If you are looking for a rustic and raw style then this is something which is trending from quite some time.

The minimal look– loosely wrapping the ring with the stands of leaves is perfect for a minimal look. And you can ask the decorator to match the shades of flowers to the color of your lehnga.

The hastag fun– You can also include the hastag thing on this ring, though we suggest you to do it separately.

Use hanging lights for the decor– You can also get the ropes and the bulb concept along with your ring decor. Simply hanging them on the ring makes lot of difference.

Flower power– An abstract way to decorate the ring with big and bold flowers.

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