8 Pictures Which You Can Pose For At Your Mehndi Function

For our wedding functions we do a lot of research like on the garments, for the accessories, venue, food, gifts and what not. But have you ever researched on the poses and the pictures you want in your wedding album. Well right and impressive poses help a lot in making your best moments get captured the right way. And if you don’t know how then we have a few picture perfect examples which you too can try at your Mehndi function.

Hide and seek– Cheesy it sounds….well the picture says it all. Now this pose is something you would definitely want to see on the cover of your album. Matching floral accessories make the picture more vibrant and lively.

With the gang– All the ladies can join you for this amazing click. All those pretty hands with the heena tattoo make a picture perfect frame for the pretty bride at the center.

The hand posing– If you have a unique design which stands apart from the rest, or if you have a customized design which you would want to remember every time you open the pictures then this pose is a good choice. It focuses on the design while clicking you in the background.

Front and back design– This one pose shows the font and the back mehndi design in one go. Isn’t that cool…

Flower power– Any shot taken with the real flowers is special and so is the picture like this….

Show some love– Pour your heart out to confess the love for your partner in crime.

Swag– The goggle bride with a desi swag is an another click to remember.

Dancing bride– The dancing bride is the happiest of all and needless to say that a picture like this is to be remembered for a long time.

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