Bridal Jewellery From the state of Uttaranchal

Just like any other state, the brides from Uttaranchal too follow certain traditions and customs. The same can also be seen in their bridal jewellery collection. They have distinctive jewellery pieces which every bride dreams to have in their collection. Here they are….

Guluband– This neck-piece is an essential part of a traditional pahrai bridal jewellery. It is basically a choker made on a base of a red thick cloth, to which different gold engravings or blocks are attached. It comes in several designs, though the one in the picture is a traditional design. Since Red signifies romance and is also a preferred color for married women, therefore a guluband is made on a red background.

Nath– Who is not familiar with the gorgeous pahri nath. They are so elaborate and breathtakingly beautiful that no one can resist wearing it. Needless to say that no pahari bridal look is complete without wearing a pahari nath. And what makes it more special is the addition of different colorful beads like ruby and jade with those beautiful tiny white beads.

Pauchi– This beautiful bracelet comes in pair and is done over a red background. Real gold beads are sewn to it which makes it look beautiful.

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