6 Concepts For A Unique Bridal Mask

Bridal masks are so much in fashion nowadays, and needless to say that they have become an integral part of the bridal accessory collection. But being a bride you can’t wear just any style right, you need a special one for yourself and here are a few quirky styles to try from….

Fake a jewellery– What a gorgeous idea….faking a piece of jewellery definitely gives this mask an edge over others. This is a perfect designer mask for the Indian brides.

Abstract embroidery– A mask done with motifs in an abstract form is also a great idea for those who want to match the embroidery style with their attire.

Say it in style– You can also pick phrases or motifs to make your mask tell a story or a concept.

Transparent look-If you want to show your makeup then go for a transparent style mask. And instead of keeping it all plain, you can get it slightly ornamented with crystals and stones.

The fringe style– The fringe style can be done in so many ways. You can choose for the crystal and chain style, or you can also opt for the simple fringe laces which come in wide variety.

The floral look– 3D floral embroidery masks are a perfect choice for your pre-wedding functions where you can match the mask with your jewellery style.

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