6 Different Types Of Masks To Watch Out For

Mask is not only a necessity, but it has become an essential part of our living now. We can’t think of going out without wearing one. But who says that the masks have to be boring, well there are so many interesting styles to choose from. Have a look….

Beaded chain– A beaded chain attachment makes the mask look really attractive. It can be kept at the back, or you can even wear it at the front, just like any other piece of jewellery.

Bow– Bow in matching colors look adorable too, especially the ones done with tissue and satin ribbons. It is a perfect accessory to add a feminine touch to your look.

Decorative broaches– Super cute…. this is the only word we have for this mask. A small single broach can really turn a simple mask into a real fashion accessory.

Multi-functional– Now this one is really cool, a piece of cloth which works as a scarf and a mask at the same time.

The long tail– Remember those hair accessories or clips from the 90’s which had bow with a long tail. Well this mask reminds us of the same.

The party accessory– Now one can surely be party ready with a mask like this one. Embroidered with delicate beads and a delicate beaded chain to hold the hair at the back, well this mask is really special and spectacular.

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