Hair care with curd

Use Curd For Complete Hair Care And To Fight Major Hair Problems

Curd is a super food which is super beneficial for the body. But it also has several beauty benefits. It is packed with vitamin B5, proteins and calcium and is well known to improve the texture and health of your hair. If you use curd regularly in your diet your hair and skin texture will improve with a period of time. And of course you can go for several hair and face masks made of curd to have direct benefits. Here is how curd improves hair health and growth…

Its a natural conditioner– Natural Fats and lactic acid available in curd proves to be an excellent natural conditioner for hair. Use hair masks made of curd to get smooth and silky hair. All you have to do is to apply the mask all over the hair and scalp and leave it on for 20-25 minutes. After which you can wash the hair normally. You can add honey and olive oil with the curd mask for deep conditioning.

Curd fights dandruff– If you are suffering from severe dandruff problem, then do massage your scalp with a curd mask. leave it for sometime and wash off. You can mix curd with half a lemon juice to fight dandruff problem. Curd is acidic in nature and therefore when combined with lemon works on the problem of dandruff by cleansing it thoroughly.

It controls hair fall– Well curd helps in deep cleansing and conditioning of the scalp. So when the scalp is clean and healthy it promotes healthy hair growth. And when you have healthy hair from the roots then the hair fall automatically comes to a still. You can mix curd with curry leaves paste to control hairfall.

Helps make your hair shine and fights frizzy hair– If you try curd once, we bet you won’t rely on any other hair product as it makes your hair super silky, shiny and soft.

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