6 Ways to use clips and pins on short hair

Short hairstyle is very much in fashion, and needless to say that a short hairstyle brings down your age and makes you look young. But leaving them loose is not enough and you can use different hair accessories like a hair pin to make you look striking. Here are a few hairstyle with which you can use different hair pins and clips….

Clip– A fancy clip can be used to tie hair loosely at the back. You can tie the front portion of the hair at the back or simply take a small back portion like in the picture and leave the rest as is.

Braided style– You can also take the side hair and twist it a bit to clip them at the back. Pearl studded clip is something which every girl should have, so when you are party ready do fasten your hair with a pearl clip.

Multi clips– Or you can simply use a few sleek and bold clips on one side and you will be good to go.

Double clip– You can also use similar clips in different sizes for a striking look.

Side braid– Side parted hair can look more interesting when paired with a bold clip. You can also braid the hair a bit on one side to use the clip.

More is good– Those simple and sleek pins can be done in a pretty way like this for a perfect party look.

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