Styling Short Hair

Personally, I feel that short hair are more stylish than long hair. But often do we feel that there are very few things we can do to them to make them look more stylish. Well that’s not the case. Here are few looks which can be tried for short hair….

Side braids– Well the side braids look equally appealing on short hair, as they look on long hair. The thickness of the braid is a matter of choice and it also depends on your hair texture. You can go in for a thick and fuller braid by engaging more hair, or a thin braid also looks nice. It can be simply pinned up or highlighted with a use of a fancy hair clip tucked at the end of the braid.

Pulled back at one side– Well the simplest of all and can be done quickly. This hassle free style never fails to impress. Just take few side strands and pin them pulling backwards or just comb the side hair backwards and fasten with a hair pin.

Pin up loosely at back– You don’t have to be precisely neat with this one. Just pull the hair backwards and pin it up loosely in a bun at the back. A hairband at the front keeps the front layers at place.

Twist back hair– Well the picture says it all. The twisted back style has many variations, out of which one is this. Follow the steps in the picture for a truly amazing texture.

Front puff– Another easy way to style the front layer of the hair. A high puff at the front gives a lift to the hair and provides an extra volume to the face.

Half bun– A half bun or the hun bun is a bun style which is half done, leaving half the hair loose. Pull the hair backward till halfway, and do it in a bun to make it sit at the topmost part.

Mess Back Bun– A mess look looks better than the all neatly done up look. Follow these steps for a messy and stylish version of low back bun.

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