7 Braided Hairstyles Which Look Awesome With a Hair Scarf

Braids are great to style for almost all the occasions. There are so many different styles of braids to choose from, but do you know that a simple scarf can give your braids a totally different look. Well watch out for these styles….

Loose french braid– A loose french braid can look all the way more pretty with the addition of a scarf as an accessory.

Regular twisted braids– You normally do make braids for some or the other occasion, so why not try highlighting this simple style by braiding a contrast scarf with the hair.

A headband with extended details– You can also use it like a regular hairband before braiding it to the plait.

The half braid style– If you are looking for a contrast style by braiding your hair only on one side, then do use a scarf at the end to balance the design.

French plait with loose hair– You can also go for a style where the hair is done in a french braid style till the ears, and then is left loose simply secured by a scarf like in the picture.

Dutch braid– Dutch braids look very nice and can be paired along with a scarf for a more appealing look.

Inverted french braids– Add some colors to simple inverted french braid by using a scarf as a hair accessory.

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