8 Ways To Turn Your Twilly Scarf Into A Foot And Footwear Accessory

Twilly or summer scarfs are multifunctional and you can style your everyday wardrobe with them in so many different ways. But do you know that they make up an excellent foot accessory. Well this is how you can style with them….

Flip flops– Give a pepped up look to your regular flip flops by faking a tie up detail by using a pair of twilly or summer scarf like this. But if you do not have two identical ones, then need not worry as contrasts look great too.

Flat Mules– In winters when you change your footwear collection and get on to mules, then try pairing them with a small scarf like this… it will look great.

Accessorize a bit– You can also wear a foot accessory like an anklet with the scarf to make it look more vibrant.

Contrasts do work– Who said that you need to match up things everytime, well contrasts look great together.

Heels– And this accessory is not just meant to wear with the flats but you can club it with any heel type you wear.

Stilettos– Make your high heels look more sexy by wearing a twilly scarf around one ankle.

Sneakers game– Add a bit of color and drama to the boring white sneakers by using a soft scarf as tie up laces. The best part is that you can change these tie ups everytime to match your dressing.

Boots– This winter wrap your old boots with a twilly scarf like this and revamp the old footwear in no time.

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