Embroidered Tulle Socks For The Fashionable Ones

Transparent socks in bling prints or embroidery are great to try if you want to add a cool fashion accessory to your look. Here are a few ways how you can club it with different footwear styles….

Ballerinas– Shimmer socks with stonework can be paired with cropped denim. Match the look by wearing ballerinas with this look.

Open toe heels– You can also wear these socks with open toe footwear like these heels. Just remember to choose a shade matching to the footwear and you can easily carry this look with a short dress or shorts and a top.

Stilettos– Who doesn’t love to flaunt wearing stilettos, but for a change you can make it look more alluring by pairing shimmer socks with it.

Tie up– Try to match footwear with tie up details with these shimmer or embroidered socks and it will make this footwear style look more pretty.

Pair with sneakers– If you think that sneakers are too unusual to pair with shimmer socks then think again. Pick up a tone on tone sock, one which matches with the color of your footwear and wear it with confidence.

Black shoes– You can also pair this accessory with black formal shoes which otherwise is not so typical of such fashion.

Jelly footwear– The best way to wear shimmer or embroidered socks is to wear them with transparent or jelly footwear.

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