7 Ways To Use Vintage Broach Pins

Broach and vintage pins are a great to accessories your plain stuff a bit. And there are so many ways how you can use them. Here are a few ideas how to use this multifunctional accessory creatively….

Use it to highlight the collars– To add a little drama to the plain collars you can use a bunch of vintage pins in different designs and pin them up over the collar front. Make sure that the weight of the pin is in proportion to the weight of the fabric of your garment, otherwise it will just linger on and look clumpsy. You can also use a single broach pin in the middle of the collar ends, which is just above the shirt placket.

Use them as cufflinks– The size of the broach is to be considered before putting it to the right use. You can use them to highlight the cuff of your plain shirts and believe us, they will add a class to your shirts.

Accessorize Headgear’s– Use a single giant sized pin over your caps and headgears. This way you can add a bit of drama to the existing fashion accessories. You can also use this broach to pin an embroidered or plain net to your cap.

Give a punch to Jacket lapel– Though lapel pins are easily available in market but if you dont have one then use a bunch of these pins over the lapel and side front of a plain jacket.

Use them as a neck piece– You can also use it a jewellery, just place a few pins all around the neckline and you are good to go.

Pin them on scarfs– Well sometimes accessories also need a bit of accessorisation and this is how you can do it with the help of these fashion pins.

Highlight the belt areas– The built in belts of your skirts, palazzo and denims can be highlighted by using broach pins like this. Pin them up at the center for a clean look or just place a few randomly all over.

Use them on sweaters– Just use them over the shoulders or wear a sweater differently by pining a broach at the corner end.

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