Go Creative With Shirt Collars By Using These Ideas

For all those who just love customizing their clothing pieces, this article is for you. Now who doesn’t love wearing different and unique things, but most of the times this is possible only when you customize and design your own products. And if you love wearing shirts and often get disappoint seeing the same old collars, then we have a plenty of ideas as how you can make them look completely unique and eye-catchy. Here are a few ideas….

Birds on the tip– Cutwork embroidery with colorful birds can be used to highlight the tips of the collar at the front.

Cutwork patches– If you want to ornate an old shirt collar, then try using readymade cutwork patches which can be easily pasted onto the fabric with a hot iron.

Using Indian laces– You can create a similar effect by using a colorful Indian readymade lace and just get it stitched all over the collar. Or you can look out for a pasting lace instead of using a regular one.

Use stones– You can also use stones and jerkins to create different patterns on the collars. Use muted shades for a subtle and chic look and colorful stones for a vibrant and jazzy look.

Paint it- If you like painting your stuff then grab a brush and a few fabric colors and use your creativity to ink designs on the collar.

Hand embroidery– Learn a few basic hand embroidery stitches and you will be ready to do this DIY collar idea.

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