Make Your Wardrobe Monsoon Ready With These Easy Tips

Get monsoon ready with these easy tips and tricks which not only will help you to escape the unhappy results of the downpour, but will also make sure that you look super stylish in this season…

High hemlines– Opt for a hemline which sits at the mid-calf length, this will ensure that you do not spoil your clothes while walking in rain. Silhouettes like calf length palazoo, skirts, midi dresses, above knee cropped pants etc are perfect to wear this season.

Choose fabrics correctly– Though we get extra careful during monsoon, but then there are times when you cannot escape a sudden downpour. Therefore be prepared for such times by opting for fabrics which dry faster like Rayon, Polyester and dryfit. After all you would not want to sit in wet denims all day long.

Add colors– This is basically a season of love, romance and going vibrant. Even the nature is full of greenery and colorful flowers in monsoon. So don’t shy away from experimenting with colors and use different vibrant colors and patterns in your dressing. Take it slowly by introducing a vibrant footwear, or a colorful scarf in your regular dressing at a time to add a dose of vibrance to your personality.

Add colorful scarfs– Scarf is a multifunctional accessory which not only brings a vibrance to your dressing but can also be used in so many different ways. Use it to style your hair, or simply throw it over the shoulders, the choice is upto you. And if it rains you can cover yourself a bit to protect yourself from drizzling.

Use an umbrella or raincoat– Gone are the days when raincoats were considered boring, well you get them in so many colors and design nowadays. Also a colorful umbrella should top your list of monsoon essentials.

Pay attention to footwear– Give your leather footwear and cloth sneakers a break for sometime as they absorb water and will make your feet all wet in rain. Plus they don’t dry easily which can lead to severe bacterial infection. Also you would not want to spoil your expensive heels and footwear by drowning them in rain. Instead go for PVC sandals, preferably open ones to allow feet to breathe. You can go for jelly shoes.

Choose jewellery wisely– If you like to match jewellery with your dressing then do it wisely as the rain and the moisture in the air can spoil materials like silver, brass etc. At the same time they can also spoil your skin by leaving a mark on it. Instead go for PVC or waterproof jewellery which is weather and skin friendly. You can go for jelly earrings like this and they come in different designs.

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