Footwear Styles To Wear In Monsoon

Monsoon is already here and for the ones who are still not monsoon ready here are a few style tips which will save you from wet feet. With the change in season your wardrobe changes but what about the footwear, well it should change as well. PVC footwear, open sandals are a few prerequisite of this season as PVC doesn’t get wet and open sandals let the feet breathe properly. Also give closed shoes a little break as your feet really need to feel dry and breathe properly in this season.

Flip Flops– This is one footwear style which everyone should have in their collection. Flip Flops are quite versatile when it comes to matching them with any attire and are super comfortable. You can wear them on lazy days for a comfort feet, and they can also be washed if they get dirty in rain. They are also quite easy and quick to dry.

‘Jelly shoes– Jelly shoes or jellies are shoes made of PVC plastic. Jelly shoes come in a large variety of brands and colors and the material is frequently infused with glitter. Its name refers to the semi transparent materials with a jelly-like sheen. They are great to wear during monsoon as they don’t absorb water which makes them an idle choice for this season.

Add some colors– Monsoon brings a lot of happiness and colors around us and therefore give neutral shades a brake for sometime and indulge in bright fruity shades.

Gumboots– When its really pouring hard and you still have to step out in rain then trust this footwear as it will keep you safe like no other style.

Platform heels– Ditch your pointed or block heels for sometime and go for platform heels in waterproof materials for the rainy season. They provide better grip and are easy to walk in. Another alternative is to wear PVC waterproof wedges.

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