How To Care For Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery is a favorite kind for many of us who just love the rustic and age old feel of it. Plus this is one kind of a jewellery which is easy to mix and match and goes easily with most of the things. Be it western wear, or Indian or even fusion wear, it goes with everything. But the most common problem which we face with it is that it gets tarnished easily, and needs to be taken care of from time to time. Basically when oxygen or sulfur comes in contact with silver, they chemically bond to its surface and cause the silver to appear dirty or discolored. Here are these easy tips which will ensure that your silver jewellery remains new forever.

Cleaning – Clean your silver jewellery by dipping them in a solution made with a mild soap and water. Keep the pieces in this solution for sometime and afterwards rub gently with a very soft brush for the dirt to loosen up, and then wash thoroughly with water. Pat dry with a soft non abrasive towel and let it dry completely before storing. You can also take help of special jewellery cleaners which are designed to clean silver jewellery.

Storing– Store your silver jewellery in a dry place wrapped nicely in a non abrasive material or felt. Also make sure you do not store too many things in a single wrap as they can scratch each other, and if you have fine jewellery in strings then they might get entangled to each other. Therefore keep all the pieces separate. You can also use airtight packets with silica gel to minimize moisture. Remember that you need to store silver jewellery in cool and dry place to minimize any damage.

Stay away from chemicals– Your regular Deo or perfume can also cause your silver jewelry to oxidize easily, so whenever you use one remember not to use it over your jewellery. Infact use a perfume first and then after a few minutes you can wear the jewellery. Also do not wear jewellery while doing the dishes, laundry or any other household chores. Stay away from sunlight as it can discolor silver, and remove the jewellery before sunbathing or swimming.

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