9 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

Have old flip flops which you simply love but do not feel like throwing them. Well here are these simple DIY ideas, which will give the much needed makeover to your footwear.

Fake it with flowers– You get fake flowers in different shapes, color and sizes. Use them to cover one side of the strap and choose different sizes for the same. You can stick them with a fabric glue or choose to sew them for a permanent look. Leave the other side as is or stick a thin chain like in the picture.

Use zerkins and stones– Zerkins and stones pep up wherever used and add a dose of bling and colors to the product. Use a large stone broach at the center and use smaller stones on the straps. You can also use stones strips instead of sticking every single piece by hand.

Go Easy With Ribbons– You can use a simple ribbon to make a bow for your slippers. Use stones and pearls to highlight them further. Tone on tone works best with this kind, though you can go completely contrast at times.

Get simple with laces– Simple tape laces like a pom-pom or a sequence one will give an instant makeover to your old flip flops. You can also use a thin lace with stones or chain in addition to the pom pom lace.

Gorgeous art of Crochet– So few lucky ones who know crochet can make out what all you can do to a simple flip flop with this art.

Go bold– If you love flaunting floral accessories then go for this style. Use big and bold oversized flowers to ornate your flip flops.

Lacework– If you like delicate lacework then pick up any soft lace and gather it using a needle and a thread. You can also do it on a sewing machine, once done stick this to your footwear or you can sew it directly to the straps as well. Ornate it further with pearls and broaches. You can also pick readymade lacework motifs and use them on the straps.

Bright it up with Tassels– Tassels and pom pom go well together, use bold oversized pom pom and tassels in different colors for a colorful amalgamation.

Stonework sheet– One of the most easiest way to ornate footwear is to use stonework sheets which are easily available in any lace shop.

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