Revamp the look of your plain white heels with these fun DIY ideas

If you are bored of wearing the same white heels again and again, then its time for some real DIY fun. And though there are many ideas to revamp the look of a plain footwear, but when it comes to an all white footwear your chances of experimenting increase immensely. Watch out for these cool ideas which will make you fall in love with them…..

Artificial Flowers– Artificial flowers in different sizes and in different pastel shades look gorgeous against a white background. To add a feminine touch to your footwear try combining these flowers along with some jerkins or transparent plastic beads and pearls.

Rhinestones– Big chunky rhinestones in different shapes and sizes can be used to create a large broach on the footwear. You can either go for single color rhinestones, or just mix and match different shades to create an effect like this.

Lacework– Subtle lacework with beadwork and a bit of crystal work is perfect for an elegant artwork. You can use different cutouts from a lacework fabric to create an effect like this. Combine it with matching flowers or just leave as is.

Jewelry piece– To give a jeweled look you can also add a piece of jewelry to your footwear.

Add bows– Exaggerated bows are quite in fashion and look lovely on footwear. You can use organza or tulle laces to create bows on your footwear.

Handprinted ideas– Handpaint ideas are endless to use. Choose pattern and colors which best suit you to revamp the look of your plain footwear.

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