5 Ways To Revamp The Look Of Your Old Jutti’s

Jutti is a traditional footwear which finds a place in every girl’s wardrobe. It not only goes with Indian attires, but also looks nice with western outfits. But lately, if you have been thinking on how to revamp your existing pair of jutti then we have got a few ideas for you. These simple tricks and ideas will make sure that your footwear gets a new look instantly…….

Pom Pom– Colorful pom poms are enough to bring a new life to your plain jutti’s. Simply stick them all over the front and they will look so pretty to use. You can also use a big single pom pom on the jutti to give it a striking look.

Add Ghungroo– Ghungroo is another material which looks great on the jutti’s. Now if you use ghungro’s directly then you will have to sew it all over the footwear which can get a little tiring. So its suggested that you pick a ghungroo lace or sew the ghungroo’s to a lace and then simply stick the lace to the footwear.

Use glitter– If you are looking for a blingy footwear then use glitter. You can use a single color glitter or can also create textures using different glitter colors. Apply glue to your jutti and simply sprinkle the glitter all over to create a new looking pair.

Chains and beads– Zircon and stonework chains can also be used to highlight your footwear. Use chains with different stone size together to create an effect. If you feel you can further use different beads and pearls for a finished look.

Gota and Flowers– You can also use different gota materials and readymade flowers to embellish your plain jutti. It will look amazing on any occasion where you have to dress up traditionally.

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