For The Love Of Jutties

The Jutti, often known as Punjabi Jutti is a type of footwear common in North India and neighboring regions. They are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery and are full hand sewn and hand done. In olden days the embroidery was done in real gold and silver thread as inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago, but now with the changing times metallic wires and other embroidery material is used. Also to make it more cost effective, rubber soles are used for cutting down on the cost. They also do not have left or right distinction, and over the time take the shape of the foot. They are done for both men and women and have different variations of design nowadays. They are sometimes known as Mojaris too. Here are few tips as how to style them perfectly for yourself.

Pair them with western dressing– This looks awesome with simple and western clothing as the bright colors and work makes it stand out in the entire look. If you want to have a traditional dose to a western outfit like denims, skirts or dresses, opt for a traditional footwear like jutti and it will instantly pep up our look.

Saree look– Sometimes ditching the heels for jutties is a good idea, if you want to roam freely without hurting your feet. Pair them with saree and it will look awesome.

Waistcoat look– A short kurta paired with dhoti pants and waistcoat goes perfectly with the jutti look.

The traditional Salwar suit look– When it comes to wearing a traditional ethnic wear outfit like patiala salwar suit, then nothing looks better than jutties to match it up with.

Bridal look– Jutties have become a special choice for the brides too. Many brides are ditching their high heels for the wedding, and opting out for comfortable and traditional jutties instead. Special bridal jutties are also available with beautiful and heavy embroideries done on them. You can also get a customized footwear done for yourself matching to your attire.

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