Be Fashionably Fruity

Well Fruits are not just healthy but they are fashionable too. Include them in your wardrobe in some sort of accessories like bags, footwear, clips etc and it’s a fashionable way to adorn this style. You can indulge in this style statement by wearing printed or embroidered version of it too. Here are few style tips to carry the best using this style, so take out the child in you and put your best foot forward ….

Fruity Bags– Carrying a fruit inspired bags is a perfect way to indulge in this fashion. The favorite of all the shapes is watermelon, as it is colorful and is inspiration to most of accessories inspired by fruits. It can be a printed or a woven one for normal daily wear, or a embroidered one for a party look.

Headwrap– Watermelon print head-wrap looks super cool to keep the hair in place. Use bandanna, hair clips and other hair accessories to flaunt this style.

Phone covers– We are all addicted to our cellphones and are always looking for a nice cover for it, something which goes with or style and personality. Well there cant be a better thing than a colorful and fruitilicious mobile cover to show the world that this style statement is here to stay.

Fruity nail art– Indulge in a good nail art design to show this trend. Nail art inspired by this trend looks super awesome as its colorful and vibrant and looks fashionable.

Fruity Stockings and footwear– Stockings look great with this print especially for winters. They pep up any dress with their playful look. You can also go in for a fruit inspired footwear to match up the look.

Eye-wear– Well if you are really fashionable then you would definitely want one pair for yourself as flaunting them is so stylish.

Fruity earrings– Flaunt them to show the world that o believe in this style. Chuck the diamonds and gold, and flaunt this playful style instead.

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