Bridal Trend- Crown Maang Tikka

In India, we have so many different accessories for the brides. Almost all the body parts have different accessories like bangles, earrings, toe rings, payal etc., but one very important jewelry for the bride is to have a Maang Tikka for the forehead. Though we have different versions of them, the crown tikka is the latest trend for the brides to follow. Here are few styles…..


Crown Maang Tikka in bold Look– If you want something bold and catchy for your forehead, then this is the best option. Choose a high puff or bun with this style, for it to highlight itself.


The delicate look– You can go for a plain simple hairstyle for this accessory. The delicate look is apt for pre wedding functions.


One sided Crown Tikka Style– If you want to try a different look, then try this look with one sided placement.


Beaded Crown Tikka– If you wish to skip the metallic and shiny ones, then try beaded strings for your crown Tikka.


Full crown Style– If you like over exaggerated designs and want to cover maximum of your hairstyle, and want to look all like a queen, then this is for you.


Fresh Flower Crown Tikka– This is a prevailing trend nowadays, to use jewelry made of fresh flowers for Mehndi function. So get a crown style piece for yourself like this or in any other style as above. You can try with different flowers too.


Fusion Crown Tikka– Want to try a fusion look, then try different materials like net, ribbons, stones, chains etc. If you are wearing a fusion or a western gown, then this would definitely make you stand out.


Layered Crown Tikka– Simple and sweet, with delicate chain layering. This style highlights the forehead perfectly.


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