6 Band Style Maang Tikka Designs For The Brides To Be

Maang tikka or matha patti is a very important part of a bridal jewelry. And off course there are different versions of this jewelry style, but a band style tikka is something which really stands out. Here are a few band style tikka’s to choose from….

Single band style– A tikka with a single band is quite popular and the most common one. Though the placement of the band changes from design to design with some bands placed at the center, while others more towards the forehead.

Double band style– For the ones who really want to wear the tikka as a heavy dramatic head accessory can consider opting for a traditional design with bold patti’s.

String style– A simple string style tikka is perfect for the ones who want to keep it simple yet contemporary.

Pearls– And if you are looking for something in kundan or polki then do go for an addition of pearls to make the entire jewelry look more royal.

Multi string– Multi string head band style tikka is perfect for those who want to go for a bolder look.

The modern look– This delicate piece is perfect for your pre wedding or cocktail look.

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