Sheeshpatti MaangTikka Hair Style Inspiration For The Brides To Be

If you are bride to be and are looking for various hairstyle options that would go with your tikka, then have a look at these inspirational styles. Sheeshpatti Maang tikka is trending nowadays and it has many design variations. You can choose one according to the design you like and style it along with a stylish hairstyle. Have a look….

Open Hair with side fringes– If you have wavy hair then definitely try this style, or you can take help of your hairstylist to do so. An open hairstyle which has front hair left loose to fall at the front gives a volume and texture to the hairstyle.

Open pulled back hair– Another easy way to flaunt an open hairstyle is to use the tikka over your pulled back hair like you normally do. It’s the easiest hairstyle which you can settle on your own.

Messy bun– Messy bun is the best idea when you do not have to cover the bun entirely with the flowers or any other accessory. Sheeshpatti tikka looks great with this hairstyle, and the bun can be partially covered with real flowers.

Sleek bun– But if you like to have a much cleaner look then go for nicely done sleek bun. Remember actress kajal’s wedding look, how graceful she looked carrying this style.

Side fringes– Your otherwise sleekly done hair can have a few side fringes for that sexy look. Side fringes go so well with this kind of maang tikka.

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